Welcome to the iceberg. You bring the food*, we’ll bring the creative.
Hungry penguin is a full-service creative shop that connects customers with brands.
From small batch illustrations to global brand identity, we work in the arena where design meets strategy. Oh and don't forget about our strangely addictive creativity—you'll want seconds.
*​​​​​​​We actually prefer to be paid in money, not food, but we can iron out those details later.
We've waddled with:
Under Armour        Red Bull        HOKA        Salomon        bill belichick foundation        oakland marathon        martha's outpost        granite construction        creekview wealth mgmt        and more.
The strategy. Make people give a damn.
◍  Branding & identity
◍  creative direction
◍  illustration
◍  ​​​​​​​typography​​​​​​​
The delivery. Every consumer touchpoint counts.
​​​​​​​◍  Corporate gifting
◍  Editorial design
◍  Event collateral & activation
◍  packaging
◍  product design & production
◍  ​​​​​​​website & app UI  
The upkeep.
Your brand is not a crockpot. You can't set it and forget it. Continuous digital & physical asset development is vital to brand equity & LONGEVITY.