Under Armour All Out Mile

Leave nothing in the tank!
A (very sweaty) global challenge
Sprinting a mile sucks... and we managed to get¬†thousands of people all over the globe to do it. ūüėܬ†¬†The Under Armour All Out Mile is a global running program that has challenged 20,000+ runners to run their fastest mile after 30 days of curated training. With more than 15 participating countries and 7+ languages represented, UA has brought attention to an event often perceived as relevant to elite and competitive athletes only.
‚óć ¬†Event identity ¬†‚óć ¬†Logo development¬†¬†‚óć ¬†Website development ¬†‚óć ¬†Digital brand experiences ¬†‚óć ¬†Physical event assets
Conceptual logo and identity sketches‚ÄĒemphasis placed¬†on the manhole to resemble the event's grit, urban setting and all out attitude.
The Under Armour All Out Mile was named the 2022 Ex Awards Silver Finalist for best pandemic-era pivot strategy.
Additional manhole concepts.